ETS2 Virtual Trucking Company

What is Nova-Logistics

Nova-Logistics is a Virtual Trucking Company for ETS2 drivers, with a system that allows you to continue your usual game in ETS2 so you don't have to start a new game profile. You continue to play ETS2 the same as you did before and the only difference is the Nova-Logistics site picks your jobs, you can even continue to manage your game as you did before, buying garages and trucks and hiring drivers.

How does Nova-Logistics work

To work for Nova-Logistics you need to be an owner driver in game, so start your profile and play till you can afford to buy your first truck. The reason you need to be an owner operator is, Quick jobs can be picked up from any location where the Nova-Logistics site tracks your current location as all your jobs will run on from each other. You can do it as an agency driver but you must remember to only pick jobs from your current location.

When you are ready for a job you go in game and visit the freight market in the job market, click on the town where you are currently located and then select 3 jobs from the list of available jobs. You then enter the details of the 3 jobs in the dispatch page, destination, cargo, load type, delivery schedule and mileage. Once you have entered the details of the 3 jobs, click the request job button and the system will assign you one of the jobs which you then drive in game.

When you complete a job you go back to the site and enter some basic details about the job and from the details provided you are awarded points associated with skill levels similar to the game system and these points go towards your overall level within the company.

Nova-Logistics Points System

Nova-Logistics works on a points system, there are no cash rewards for working for Nova-Logistics. This means the site and game are completely separate so you can still manage your game as you would playing a normal single player game. You can buy trucks, buy and upgrade garages and hire workers as normal and the money you earn in game is yours to do with as you please. The only difference working for Nova-Logistics is the jobs are assigned to you rather than you just randomly picking your jobs.

Nova-Logistics points are awarded for mileage, and percentage of mileage multiplied by your company level and also for various skill levels. These points are then totaled and count towards your overall company level, and the higher your level the more points you earn.

The higher your level, the more points you need to get to the next level but with that the higher your level the more points you get per job.

Mileage points are awarded at 1 point per mile.

Proficiency points are awarded at 10% of mileage multiplied by your level.

Long Distance Points are awarded at 10% of mileage multiplied by Long Distance Level.

Load Value Points are awarded at 10% of mileage multiplied by Load Value level.

Load Type Points are related to Fragile, Heavy / Oversized loads and ADR Class loads and are based on 10% of mileage multiplied by your Load Type Level or ADR Class.

Schedule Points are only awarded for Urgent deliveries and you get penalties for late deliveries.

All points except for mileage points are subject to penalties which are calculated by the load damage or late deliveries on schedule jobs.

Driver Profile

Your driver profile allows you to record what truck you are currently driving and edit your skill levels.

Filling in your truck details is optional but this is what people will see when they view your profile, so it's good to keep it up to date.

There are 5 skill levels that relate to the bonuses within the company and these should match the skill levels in-game. You may be asked at any time to produce a current screenshot showing your in-game skill levels, failure to do so may result in you loosing all your bonus points.